Tactic 54864 Ocean Explorer Story Games, Mixed

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Tactic 54864 Ocean Explorer Story Games, Mixed

Tactic 54864 Ocean Explorer Story Games, Mixed

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Although Soma appears on the list of the best underwater video games, it’s worth noting that the game’s action doesn’t take place exclusively in water – you will spend a lot of time exploring claustrophobic underwater research facility. And, as you might have already guessed, it’s not an ordinary one. Soma is more of a psychological horror that favors using more subtle frightening elements over simply punching players in their faces with jumpscares. This one is undoubtedly a solid choice among other underwater horror games. Key features Abzu is a truly unique production and on several levels. It’s not just a game, it’s an experience – an epic interactive adventure that will take you through the depths of the ocean, where unspoken mysteries and majestic places are yet to be found and revealed. Abzu puts a huge emphasis on exploration and narrative, yet not a single word is spoken through the entire game because the story is told exclusively through simple cutscenes and gameplay itself. One can’t also forget about the other important strength of the game, which is its gorgeous stylized art style – shoals of thousands of fish swimming together is something you will not soon forget. Key features Parallel Studio plans to release Under The Waves on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5 at some point in 2023. Subnautica is one of the staple games when it comes to the underwater setting, so it’s not surprising that it not only made its way onto the list but also appeared right at the beginning. The game takes place on a distant planet in the late 22nd century – as one of those sent to expand the space travel infrastructure, you are forced to crash-land and now your mission is to survive and escape the inhospitable environment. As you play you will learn not only about what hides deep in the ocean but also about the planet’s past. Key features On a more realistic side of the spectrum of underwater games, we’ve got something special – a game that could be considered a spiritual successor to the classic Silent Hunter series.

Ever since diving bells and breathing apparatuses let people dive beyond the limits of their lungs, humanity has been fascinated with the ocean and the fast array of life-forms lurking in its depths. There are those who look at the ocean as an alien world of wonder and beauty, focusing on the exotic fish, pearls, coral, and bioluminescent lifeforms found within it. Others treat the ocean as an abode for wriggling, inhuman monsters - real-life creatures such as giant squid, angler fish, and sharks, along with fictional creatures such as Krakens, Sea Serpents, or the Deep Ones from H.P. Lovecraft stories. Subnautica is a great example of a game that mixes exploration with an underwater setting, making it a perfect title for those who want to take their journey to the depths of an alien ocean planet. Brain Games: Memory puzzles and interactive story adaptations challenge kids' thinking and decision-making abilities, making it both fun and educational. Science in Play: The effects of climate change on polar bears, the shimmering beauty of sea animals, the challenges posed by sudden avalanches and icebergs – your child will not only witness these events but will also learn the underlying science.

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Beyond Blue is an educational game, so it’s a solid choice for kids, who can learn a thing or two about what we can find under the ocean. For a more mature audience, it also could be a source of joy, as finding out how rich the underwater fauna is, is an enlightening experience in itself. The game is played from a third-person perspective and its gameplay revolves mainly around diving and scanning the nearby environment for new life forms. This, combined with the game’s beautiful graphics, results in a production you don’t want to miss. Key featuresThere are games with certain educational value, and Beyond Blue is one of them, making this title a perfect choice not only for those who look for a bit of entertainment but also for those who wish to learn a few things about our underwater world. Vast Animal Kingdom: Discover and learn about 30 different animals in their unique habitats. Ever wondered why alpacas spit or intrigued about the "Halitrephes Maasi"? Your child will learn these fun facts and more!

By revealing the ocean’s secrets, we can uncover new resources for the food we eat, the energy that keeps our lights on, and even lifesaving medicines. Ocean exploration can give us a better sense of weather and climate patterns which help to predict and respond to natural disasters. As the Earth’s climate changes around us, we look to the ocean to learn more about how we are affecting our home planet and what these changes mean for the future of humanity. Yateland's educational apps ignite the passion for learning through play among preschool children worldwide. We stand by our motto: "Apps that children love and parents trust." For more information about Yateland and our apps, please visit https://yateland.com.

Abzu turns the simple diving concept into an unforgettable journey full of beautiful places, ancient ruins, and dangerous sea creatures. An interactive adventure in a colorful underwater world. Explorative Adventure: Venture into different terrains like the Antarctic, Arctic, Galapagos Islands, mysterious trenches, and the vibrant South Pacific. Whether you're exploring the depths where the incredible "fireworks of the sea" glow or climbing into dormant craters to witness land iguanas spawn, every adventure enriches knowledge. Dive into Yateland's game: journey polar seas to plateaus, learning about animals. A child-friendly blend of play & science. For toddlers to preschoolers. If you prefer side-scrolling action in the metroidvania style, then Song of the Deep should fit your needs – a game focused on the underwater adventures of a fisherman’s daughter will surely provide you with a lot of fun.

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