Uncharted Nathan Drake's Ring with Necklace Strap From Collector's Edition by Uncharted

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Uncharted Nathan Drake's Ring with Necklace Strap From Collector's Edition by Uncharted

Uncharted Nathan Drake's Ring with Necklace Strap From Collector's Edition by Uncharted

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A more personal story for Nathan Drake, raising the stakes for the award-winning storytelling of Naughty Dog. Arriving at this location - Spanish ruins next to a large sinkhole - Nate and Chase enter catacombs at the bottom of the sinkhole and find the Chamber of the Seven Fathers, along with Perez's camp and his journal. The journal sheds more light on the Sete Cidades, specifically referring to Frair Marcos de Niza, a Spanish priest who was also a High Priest of the Sete Cidades, who was noted for claiming to have discovered the Seven Cities of Gold. As it turned out, Marcos lied, and his seven cities were simply native American villages. While they are investigating, they are ambushed by Guerro's men, who had followed them. Nate kills them and insists they hurry it up. [2] The three gather outside Pinkerton's mansion at night, ready for the heist. Eddy and Nate persuade Rika to stay behind and cover them. To create a distraction, Eddy blows up Pinkerton's cars, and they lead him and Nate into the mansion amid the confusion. [4] At some point during his career as a treasure hunter, Nate met Chloe Frazer, an Australian treasure hunter known for her beauty and skills. The two entered into a relationship, but eventually, Nate left her under unknown circumstances.

Nate awakes in the middle of the storm and attempts to make his way to Sam until he passes out. The storm passes and Nate wakes up to a Morse code signal from Sam. He climbs and fights his way through the island jungle and eventually reunites with Sam. Nate expresses his concerns over Sam's obsession with finding the treasure, what he had sacrificed and that his feelings about giving up. Then they suddenly discover the remains of civilization and later find themselves standing in the commercial district of Libertalia. Sam expresses his excitement for the discovery and they make their way to the treasure building. On the way, they find clues about a rebellion and a civil war that deserted the legendary pirate utopia.Hsu, Dan (October 22, 2009). " Uncharted 2: Deconstructing Nathan Drake". Bitmob. Bitmob Media. Retrieved June 7, 2012. Gold Inca Figurine: Right at the very start of the chapter, there's should be a staircase directly in front of you. At the bottom of it in the foliage to the right is some grass, and the treasure lurks among that.

Golden Inca Vessel: Right at the very start of the chapter, head down the stairs, and go to the right directly at the bottom. The treasure is right here. Nathan Drake also wears the ring throughout Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but it has no significance to the plot of the story.Nate, Elena, and Sully chase after Sam but after another accident, Nate is forced to go alone and leave Elena and Sully behind. Nate chases after his brother up and inside the mountain and eventually spots the grounded Fancy, Avery's ship, inside the mountain in its cove. He overhears a conversation between Nadine and Rafe with the former expressing doubt over recovering the full haul of Avery's treasure since she had lost so many men on the island. After attempting to leave with a box full of gold, her own mercenaries turn on her and side with Rafe and he demands that they board the ship to recover the full haul to which Nadine complies. Sam steals one of their boats and arrives at the ship first, followed by Rafe and then later Nate. Supposedly, the ring was made prior to the 29th of January, 1596, which is the date engraved on it. It was engraved to honor him following his death on 27 January 1596, when he was buried in the sea, in a lead box wearing full set of armor. It was worn by him to find the secret treasure according to the game hence it was made earlier and the date was engraved on it later. Nate is taken by Rameses to a ship graveyard, which the pirate has been using as his base of operations. He tortures Nate so that he can learn the location of Iram for himself, but when Nate refuses to break, he says that he will torture Sully instead. Nate breaks free and navigates his way through the graveyard to Rameses' cruise ship - The Seaward. In the hold, Nate learns that Rameses never had Sully, it was a ploy to get him to talk. Nate causes an explosion which tears a hole in the ship's hull, and he barely escapes as it sinks. He washes ashore in Yemen. [6]

Nate escapes the crashed train and trudges through a snowstorm, eventually falling unconscious due to his wounds and exhaustion. He wakes up in a Tibetan village, where he is reunited with Elena and is introduced to an elderly German man named Karl Schäfer. Schäfer tells Nate that the phurba is the key to finding Shambhala, but Nate tells Schäfer he is no longer interested. Schäfer sends Nate and a villager, Tenzin, to find the remains of the men in Schäfer's expedition, who were looking for Shambhala and the stone 70 years earlier. [5] Silver Ingot: After the cut-scene with the villains, jump across the platforms and take the stairs down. Scoot around to the right and look to the side of the stairs that you just came down for the treasure. Nate and Chloe escape with Sully in the plane that they arrived in, although it is caught in the volcanic eruption and crashes into the sea. They wash up in an unknown tropical country and they take the opportunity to relax. While Sully chats up beautiful young women, Nate and Chloe spend the night together, and when Nate wakes up in the morning he finds a message from her - " See you around, cowboy. No regrets." It is revealed that her true motivations were to capture images of the flying machines of Agartha for her employer: Roman. [1] Gold and Ruby Inca Mask: Right before the exit where you have to crank the chain wheel, look directly behind it to find the last treasure in this chapter. Chapter 15: On the Trail of the Treasure Silver Turtle: Directly outside of the ruined temple are four pillars. Climb onto the smallest one and jump to the larger one. Hop across all of the pillars until you land on the last one and snag the treasure. Chapter 3: A Surprising Find

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection FAQs

Traveling to Yemen to finally uncover the location of Atlantis of the Sands and finish what Francis Drake started, the ring caused confrontation between Nathan and his wife Elena, who felt that he cared more about the late explorer's ring than her own wedding ring. Nathan was eventually captured by Marlowe's crew and the ring and cipher disk were taken from him. Eventually, he and Sully found Iram, and discovered it was the home of a hallucinogenic agent even more powerful than the one that Marlowe's crew had been using to control individuals through fear. The resulting confrontation caused the entire city to collapse, and Marlowe was dragged into a sink hole of sand, taking with her the ring of Francis Drake. Patterned Silver Ring: In the final section before you have to jump over the large gated wall, you'll need to do some platforming between some blown out walls. However, if you head to the left corner and climb up the ledge, you'll find a treasure. During the heist, Nate breaks open the lamp to uncover blue resin and a blank piece of paper. He burns the resin which reveals a hidden map on the paper. Flynn then double-crosses Nate, who, despite his efforts to flee, is arrested and imprisoned for three months before Chloe, who was also betrayed by Flynn, asks for Victor Sullivan to help bail him out. Sully uses Nate's remaining cash from their El Dorado expedition, and a good deal of his own, to get Nate released. [5]

A procedural blended animation system was developed to realistically allow Nate to react to his surroundings in the game. [14] Animations that felt sluggish or unresponsive were removed and alternate methods were used to create the desired effect. In some cases, over thirty animations are used to comprise a single movement. [14] Naughty Dog co-president described this realistic animation system as the "number one priority" when developing Uncharted. [14] Other appearances [ ] Drake's Trail [ ] But that greatness isn’t reflected in the movie version of Uncharted. It’s a small beginning for a possible Sony film franchise, but yet another dud of a video game adaptation. A glimmer of sequel potential is stowed away in a second post-credits scene, where a sudden burst of chemistry in the riffraff banter between treasure-hunting pals Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) is sure to make people wonder where such lively line deliveries have been for the last two hours. For one minute, everything about the characters feels right, but it comes far too late.

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They are interrupted by the arrival of Dante, who takes Chase hostage right before Guerro arrives in time to hear Dante insult him. Guerro then calmly drops Dante off a balcony and forces Nate to hand over the Sword of Stephen while he leaves with Chase as a hostage. Dante regains consciousness, as the fall wasn't fatal, and he and Nate work together to escape the sinkhole that was rigged with Guerro's explosives. They kill a multitude of Guerro's men trying to save Chase before she is taken, but when they finally get out of the sinkhole, they are too late. Dante vows to go hire his own army and go after Guerro while Nate seeks help from Victor Sullivan. [2] Golden Inca Mask: In the second part of the cemetery, there's a door that you're supposed to go through to progress the story. Instead, run beyond it and follow the railings right around to some tomb stones. The treasure is behind it. Chapter 16: The Treasure Vault Gold Mosaic Inca Earring: Drop down into the new area from the lookout point and run towards the gates. Climb over all of the rubble in front of the right hand gate, and you should happen upon the treasure that's in and amongst the debris.

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