JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

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JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

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These disclosures so frightened the powers that be it led to President Donald Trump and the Queen of England taking the joint decision to ban it altogether, so this work will teach you the most cardinal secrets which your government would much rather you not know. Legions of people have taken the trouble to go online so that they could tell the world about how learning that absolutely everything is a rich man's trick—the justice system, the education system, the economic system, and most importantly, the media.

They had been brought up to believe that the British never tell lies because that was what the Nazis did, so they just swallowed it whole, and never, ever, thought about it. It's a good read that would deserve 5 stars if the claims contained within were footnoted and backed up. Secondly, the second reason I’m overwhelmed by this award is because in the audience, as Paul said a few minutes ago, are my former colleagues, my friends, my family led by DeDe and my brother and sister, their spouses, my son Michael, who I think is here somewhere. It is my estimate that a bare minimum of some 250 million people must have seen the movie, some of them more than a dozen times.If absolutely everyone who has watched the film version of this work purchases a copy of the book it will become financially viable to take foreign-language translations into European and Asian Cinemas. Over 7,000 9/11 family members, 98% of all those who lost loved ones on that tragic day, decided to participate in the Fund and were able to receive some compensation for the losses they suffered and that could never, never ever really be compensated for.

And we’re proud to be able to honor you in this way for your genius in carrying out this immense responsibility so well. And please note that I have quoted these four examples to leave people in no doubt that this is dangerous information which the powers-that-be have been falling over themselves to try to suppress. This was a series of paintings which went right around the walls, and in this 21st Century of ours an educational Psychologist would insist they were highly unsuitable images for children.All of us who know Ken already had immense respect for his outstanding service to others and his great skill and dedication. I would like to know his opinion on other fake news like UFOs, climate change, TV charities and other fat cat projects.

He too was throwing money out of his car window, except that the pack chasing him were not children but grown women. I've read much but this book linked my history all together and it answered why we were lied too and the real reason for wars and conflicts mainly American orchestrated since 1776. How could this screaming little defective Hitler, with his silly little toothbrush-moustache, have single-handedly convinced not one but several great nations to inflict such bestial atrocities upon the world?Creators are allowed to post content they produce to the platform, so long as they comply with our policies. But I am now longer as blindly trusting of the world of power and money as I once was so I will keep an open mind. This is one of the only documentaries that actually speaks on the real Secret Societies which for most are still a secret.

Dressed in rags and obviously suffering in atrocious poverty the women ran after the car for mile after mile while the grinning Dictator sprayed his largesse – and for the first time in my life I understood why. The dirty rich people do everything they can on a daily basis to discredit the idea that upon this earth we all are (or could be) just one great family of man.And so I began that process of going to Boston and Staten Island and New York City and New Jersey and Connecticut and California and Philadelphia, meeting with families one-on-one in small groups, in large groups, explaining to them what the program was about. One other thing I'd suggest if a 2nd edition is ever produced is to include some other historical conspiracies in which rich men tricked the masses. I think people were glad to see through this compensation program, “We’ll teach the villains, the murderers a lesson in democracy and compassion.

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